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The significance of this last point might perhaps be made clearer through a quotation taken from the late Dr.

Her husband did not know, but thought she was about four months pregnant. These authors report.striking confirmation of the work of the New York State Commission on Ventilation in regard to the influence of high atmos pheric temperature on the performance of physical work. Throughout the right lung there are soft and friable yellowish areas slightly elevated above "zrect" the surface. When magnified, the typewritten copy will be seen not to have the clear definition of the lead type print. Curie in her recent visit to the United States, the French scientist who first Formerly the world supply of radium came from the pitchblende of Bohemia, where it occurs in pockets in widely separated localities, so that no steady supply could be assured. In view of the histories of these two cases, noting especially that the lesions were bi-lateral and recurred after surgical interference, I feel justified in assuming that their aetiology will be found in the antecedent syphilis or a co-existing tabes dorsalis with or without a venereal history; that surgical treatment, in the absence of well-defined gangrene, is not at all indicated, since it mutilates and cripples and gives no guarantee against relapse or extension of the lesion, and should therefore never be undertaken until after the efficiency of the above therapeutic measures have been thoroughly tested; that these cases will yield to potassium iodide internally if venereal infection is still active, or to other appropriate medication if the case be one of locomotor ataxia, and that in all such cases local mercurial antiseptics should be used, SOME SURGICAL ASPECTS OF TUBERCULOSIS Professor of Surgery in the Philadelphia Polyclinic Hospital Surgical, tuberculosis is as important as medical tuberculosis though it is not so dramatic in its manifestations and its symptoms are not so well known to the non-professional public. Protection against cancerous diathesis, and urge the importance of examination every two or three months for the purpose of detecting the recurrence of the disease. Area of supervision is proportionately widened. Some patients get fever from such slight causes, some will have it from the irritation of a largo serous effusion, so that it is often difficult to determine the exact significance of fever. The patient and her husband (himself a physician) were now told that the only hope lay in an operation, which might involve nephrectomy, and would at the very best involve danger, but they promptly decided to have made an exploratory incision from the lower rib just outside the anterior border of the erector spince, downward and a little forward, to the middle of the iliac crest, my intention being to expose the kidney, and then act as circumstances and conditions dictated (zrect review). Practically speaking, the whole of Africa, much of South America, the Southern States of North America with the West Indian Islands, Asia Minor, Arabia, Persia, India and the Malay Peninsula, the greater part of China, Australia and the islands lying between it and the continents of the northern hemisphere, may be said to be included within this general term. Whether we approach the subject from the point of view of health, morals, child conservation, industrial efficiency, Americanization, or good citizenship, the housing problem is fundamental." A place to live in is as important as a place to work in, and, if people are to work efficiently and well, they must have real homes to go back to when the day's work basis of authentic facts on which to develop a comprehensive housing policy and for the critical interpretation of the facts. Now ensued a period of between one and two years of constant suffering, progressive failure of health (zrect ingredients). We may laugh and be thankful that these delusions are buried in the past; but then in modern times we have stick doctors who cure by a sort of"hocus pocus, high Jack Barnabus"; our Steamers, armed with caloric and lobelia, who expand all diseases upon the principle that heat expands all bodies; our Hahnemanns, who cure by the magic power of trituration; our Hydropaths, who hit all cases through the capillaries with the wet sheet; our Electricians, who restore all the vital functions with lightning speed; our faithful few who cure by approaching the throne of grace and laying on of hands, and hundreds of others; but last and not least of all comes the medical adviser dubbed with the title of M.D., with his clairvoyant or lock of hair, and unravels pathology as by inspiration, and points the despairing patient at once to the fountain of all theurapeutic wisdom. Pertaining to the nasgar (naif-gar). When the part has been removed the extra blade is displaced, leaving a free border exposed in front of the main blade about a quarter of an inch in thickness. A blood-sucking worm, the Sanguisuga of Hirudo medicinalis, found in Europe, and the Hirudo decora, the American leech. Although there is no need to construct a regular plinth, the ground below the chang should always be shghtly raised by laying down a layer of gravel, as any collection of water would be obviously unhealthy; besides which, if kept in proper order, the large shady space forms an excellent playground for children, where such charming encumbrances form part of the household. It seems reliable as far as destroying the ticks is concerned, but it is rather severe on the cattle dipped, so that a milder yet equally effective dipping solution would be preferaible. Zrect side effects - no evidence of vitality of the worm or its embryo has been met with in the case of AustraUan beef reaching this country.

A woman who has been in labor nine nonmetal (non-met' -at). The State Board of Health has no veterinarian upon ils board, and the lack of knowledge of those upon the board makes the law practically a dead letter. In.their multiplication in the placental tissue they may, by growth, penetrate it and obtain entrance to the blood of, the foetal side. Trelat has suggested the name of hysteropexy as preferable to hysterorraphy for the new operation now prominently considered It has been said that more money has been spent by the United States Government in the investigation of the diseases which affect swine than of those which affect the human In a suit recently in Boston to recover damages for the extraction of a sound instead of a decayed tooth, the plaintiff has been awarded Dr. The nerve tissues of an embryonic metamere; a neurotonia, neorotony (nA-ro-to'-ne-ah, nA-rot'on-e). Tait and others point out the many indications of the cooling of the earth, with the probability that if we could retrace its history, from the present rate of cooling, its mass would have been found to be a molten globe at white heat, on the very threshold of the long geological period demanded by evolutionists. For another six months druggists will be permitted to continue the unrestricted sale of those brands of aspirin or of medicines containing aspirin that are already on the local market, but no new ones may be introduced. Now, I do not mean to say that reduction of temperature by baths will counteract the specific action of the scarlatinous poison, neither will I assume from the experience which one single case of scarlatina has given me that in all like cases the same treatment is the proper and only proper one to be applied, but the results that I have obtained in this one case thoroughly corroborating the statements of those that have made general use of this mode of treatment is, to say the least, suggestive, and worthy of recommendation.

Solution of mercuric nitrate, saponaria. Two troops of cavalry are "zrecto" posted on each flank.


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